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We aim to be a dominant player in the downstream sector of the Nigerian economy. Our desire is to see a nation which is self-sufficient in crude oil products in less than a decade. We hope to achieve this by giving out competitive prices to our customers with very high quality products. Customer satisfaction is indeed our watchword. We hope to partner with giant companies in the indsutry.

We are driven by the desire to build large and competitive real estates scattered round the Country but mainly confined to the southern region. As a result, we have gone into a partnership with Future Shelters in real estates. We hope that our vision will help to provide affordable but quality accommodation to people and reduce the level of growth of slums which is never a healthy development.

Teach Near will help to connect the world together for educational purposes. The company gets a percentage of money paid to tutors on the platform. We sell materials for examinations online and we have gotten a lot of testimonies over the years. We also plan on writing books of international standard for secondary school students. Visit our scholarship site today :

We have the vision to provide for the country and Africa as a whole several chemicals needed for daily use like perfumes, body sprays, e.t.c We believe in a self-sufficient nation whereby the imports of perfumes, body sprays and other items used daily will be drastically reduced. We believe in doing this by utilizing the available resources leveraging in excellent man power to create products very unique and loved by our customers.

In some years to come, we have the vision of dominating the media sector in the economy. Currently, we have a news/media website and we hope to expand it over the years to be a Pan-African media company solving the entertainment needs of its customers. We plan on working closely with the Nollywood industry in Film Production and dabbling into the music industry. Visit for latest news in Nigeria today!

Fund Tray seeks to provide an alternative source of funding for entrepreneurs through Crowd Funding. The crowd will help to support a start-up and get rewarded depending on the percentage that was contributed. Young entrepreneurs can identify with startups even while their young. Simples Bis is a business consultancy startup which will help evaluate businesses, carry out feasibility studies and make comprehensive business plans for them. Both are global startups.

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